Our Vision

H20 Flow Pro was founded in 2013 with the vision of making Water Management more accessible to the larger population. Since it’s inception, H2O Flow Pro has been dedicated to creating easy to install wireless water monitoring systems. Our ultimate goal is to make sure our customers have real time data to make the best decisions about their water consumption and help protect and conserve our most valuable resource


Bret Berry


Bret is the brains behind the H2O Flow Pro operation. With over 30 years of experience in commercial irrigation Bret knew exactly what the market needed in order to better serve his clients. After years of searching for the answer to his problem of real time monitoring and alerting to problems in the field, Bret decided that he was going to stop waiting for suppliers to deliver and go out and make it himself. H2O Flow Pro was born out of need and therefore is truly designed for the people that need it most, irrigation installers and specialist.

Brad Hoeffner


Brad joined the H2O Flow Pro team to help guide the product development and sales team. With over 30 years in corporate finance and accounting Brad has been a driving force behind making the H2O Flow Pro the product you see in the market today. Brads recognition and identification of the fact that the “Internet of Things” is the next Internet revolution and which helped to streamline the H2O Flow Pro market launch effeciently and effectively.

Louise Musial


With four startups from a wide variety of industries under her belt, Louise was a natural fit into the organization to help launch H2O Flow Pro into the marketplace. Her tenacity to take on any challenge makes her uniquely qualified to take on the challenge of initial launch through the entire product life cycle.