Wireless water management

The H2O Flow Pro, patented, wireless water management system allows consumers to monitor their daily activity, alerted to high or low flows and conserve our most precious resource.

The H2O Flow Pro offers an alternative to digging expensive lines through concrete parking lots (commercial) to “wire in” a flow sensor. With the H2O Flow Pro, you can have real time flow monitoring and data acquisition within minutes of installation.

The H2O Flow Pro was designed for easy use and installation as well as accurate readings and automatic shutoff and alerts in case of flow disruption.


  • Lower water bills
  • Reduced Energy use
  • Real time Alert Notifications
  • User Friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Wireless
  • Remote Monitoring and Shutoff
  • Conserves Water

Why We’re Different:

The universal design of the H2O Flow pro allows for any customer to monitor their water activity. The H2O Flow Pro can be installed with any irrigation controller which enables anyone to be in control of their water consumption.

As the cost of water rises it’s imperative to make sure that you can make the best decisions on how you spend your irrigation budget. The H2O Flow Pro allows you to set your monthly budget for water usage and alerts you when you have reached 50% and 75% of your monthly budget. This product feature ensures that you won’t incur runaway water costs monthly.