Wireless water management

Find out how the H2O Flow Pro controller gives you a path to sustainable water management with automatic zone turn off and notifications.
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The H2O Flow Pro can be installed with any irrigation controller.

The universal design of the H2O Flow pro allows for any customer to monitor their water activity.

Eliminate your costly water loss due to broken heads.

Retrofit your legacy controller

An alternative to digging expensive lines through concrete

Irrigation system maintenance

Sprinkler contractors can service their customers proactively when a problem occurs.


Using LoRa radio technology, your flow meter can learn flow rates and send actionable data to the controller and your data portal

Installation of a Flow Pro controller is a simple in-line addition to most existing systems. Connect field wires to the Flow Pro controller. With an approved flow meter, attach the transceiver radio to learn flow and send data.

The Flow Pro controller sends your flow rates and alerts to an easy-to-use portal.

The Flow Pro controller provides many benefits not available to legacy controllers.
  • Remote monitoring and shutoff
  • Real time alerts and notifications
  • LoRa radio communication between the water meter and the controller.
  • Easy installation
Data collection
Paired Units

Flow Rates

Battery life

The H2O Flow Pro controller is an exciting new product for the irrigation industry.